IMG_1499.jpgIan Storkey has 40 years experience in the finance markets and public sector debt management. Prior to setting up his own company, Ian worked as a consultant for 4 years and at the New Zealand Treasury for over 24 years including 8 years with the Debt Management Office in Wellington and London. Over the past 25 years, Ian has been actively involved as an adviser and project manager to Governments to enable them to build their capacity and systems in public debt management. Ian has undertaken assignments in the areas of treasury, public debt, cash and risk management in Australia, Azerbaijan, Barbados, Belarus, Bolivia, Brazil, Burundi, Cambodia, Canada, Cayman Islands, China (PR), Colombia, Ethiopia, Fiji, Georgia, Ghana, Guyana, Hungary, India, Indonesia, Jamaica, Japan, Kazakhstan, Kenya, Kosovo, Lao (PDR), Lithuania, Malawi, Malaysia, Mauritius, Mexico, Mongolia, Myanmar, Namibia, Nauru, Nepal, New Zealand, Nicaragua, Nigeria, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Peru, Philippines, Poland, Russia, Rwanda, Samoa, Solomon Islands, South Africa, Thailand, The Gambia, Timor-Leste, Tonga, Turkey, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, Uzbekistan, Vanuatu, Vietnam and Zimbabwe, and works as a consultant for the Asian Development Bank, AusAID, Commonwealth Secretariat, DCI, DFID, EU, IMF, MEFMI, NZAID, SECO, UNCTAD, UNDP, USAID and the World Bank.

Ian worked with the World Bank to develop the Debt Management Performance Assessment (DeMPA) tool that has been applied in over 80 country assessments for central and subnational governments. DeMPA evaluates strengths and weaknesses in public debt management, through a comprehensive set of 14 performance indicators covering six core areas of public debt management: (1) governance and strategy development; (2) coordination with macroeconomic policies; (3) borrowing and related financing activities; (4) cash flow forecasting and cash balance management; (5) operational risk management; and (6) debt records and reporting.

Ian also developed the methodology used by the IMF for operational risk management including business continuity and disaster recovery planning (BCP/DRP) in government treasury and debt management operations. He worked with an IMF team to update the BCP/DRP methodology in 2021.


2001-present: Ian is the Director of Storkey & Co and specialises in independent specialist advice on government debt and cash management to central and state/regional/local governments, and government enterprises. Storkey & Co was formed in Wellington in January 2001 as a management consulting practice to focus on sovereign debt management. Ian has become one of the world's leading experts on sovereign debt management policies, procedures and systems for both developed and less developed economies.

1996/2000: Ian was General Manager of INFACT Consulting in Australia and New Zealand and a member of the management team for INFACT Consulting across Asia/Pacific. INFACT Consulting is an independent management and technology consulting group providing advice and guidance, project assurance and implementation project management to the government, banking, investment, broking, corporate and finance markets world-wide. Ian was involved in a wide range of consulting projects as a project director or project manager.

1993/1996: Ian was Manager of the Information Services group of the New Zealand Debt Management Office (NZDMO), a Branch of the NZ Treasury responsible for managing the Crown's debt, overall net cash flows, and some interest-bearing assets within an appropriate risk management framework. The Information Services group was responsible for accounting and forecasting for public debt transactions, marketing and promotion of New Zealand Government securities, the development and maintenance of NZDMO's information systems, and the budget and office administration functions of NZDMO. Ian was also the Project Manager for the Information Strategy Project that was seeking to improve the technology infrastructure and risk management systems that support the core activities of NZDMO's debt management operations. The project involved the evaluation and selection of an integrated front, middle and back office risk management system to meet the decision support needs of NZDMO and to replace the existing Management Information System. At the time of his departure, Ian was project managing the implementation of the system.

1989/1993: Ian was manager of NZDMO's London office which had responsibility for managing NZ's US domestic and Euro commercial paper programmes; managing NZDMO's relationships with banks, investors, rating agencies, and other issuers in the US, UK, and Europe; assisting with the management of the Government's asset and liability portfolio; and managing the execution of transactions, including foreign exchange, swaps, bond issues and MTNs, where direct overseas involvement was required. Ian was also responsible for arranging and managing visits and presentations to the international financial community by the Minister of Finance. Ian also represented NZDMO at international conferences, the Government Borrowers Forum, and OECD meetings and workshops which covered a range of portfolio management issues and advised other governments on sovereign debt management issues and operations.

1988/1989: Ian was Manager of the NZDMO Research Team and associated consultants which had the following activities: to manage NZDMO's strategic risk, to support the portfolio management team with economic analysis and in the execution of transactions, to coordinate the external relations of NZDMO, to undertake development projects particularly with regard to NZDMO's computer systems and the further development of NZDMO as a business unit within the Treasury. Throughout this period, Ian was responsible for the introduction of computer systems, including a fully developed in-house management information system and a sophisticated portfolio optimisation model that was used to analyse risks in the portfolio and to determine the strategic composition of the portfolio.

1987/1988: Ian worked closely with the Treasurer to restructure the debt management operation and set up the Reserves and Debt Management Division as NZDMO. During this period, Ian also undertook a project to analyse and determine the basis under which NZDMO would introduce a portfolio optimisation framework and to select an international bank to assist with the implementation of the framework.

1986/1987: Prior to the establishment of the NZDMO, Ian was responsible for the analysis and development of new systems for enhancing the process of debt management which resulted in the development of a framework for the use of swaps and the setting up of CP programme, ECP programme, a multiple option facility, and a Medium Term Note programme. Ian was also responsible for managing the project for computerising the manual debt ledger.

Qualifications and Professional Membership

  • Certified Member of the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand Inc (INFINZ (Cert)), 2018 - present
  • Member of the Institute of Managers and Leaders, Australia and New Zealand (IML ANZ), 2018 - present
  • Member of the Institute of Finance Professionals New Zealand Inc (INFINZ), 2002-2018
  • Member of the Institute of Management New Zealand (IMNZ), 2013-2018
  • Member of the New Zealand Society of Corporate Treasurers, 1996-2002
  • Advanced Management Programme Postgraduate Seminar, NZ Institute of Management, Christchurch, 1995
  • Advanced Management Programme, NZ Institute of Management, Christchurch, 1994
  • Managing Effective Relationships, PCM Training, Wellington, 1988
  • BCA (Hons) (Economics and Econometrics), Victoria University of Wellington, 1983
  • BSC (Mathematics), Victoria University of Wellington, 1973


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