New Releases

(2018) "A Primer on Managing Sovereign Debt-Portfolio Risks", Thordur Jonasson and Michael G. Papaioannou, IMF Working Paper WP/18/74

(2017) "Why are more sovereigns issuing in Euros? Choosing between USD and EUR-denominated bonds", Antonio Velandia and Rodrigo Cabral, World Bank 

(2017) "How to Strengthen the Management of Government Guarantees", How To Notes No.6, Fiscal Affairs Department, IMF

(2017) "The Medium-Term Debt Management Strategy: An Assessment of Recent Capacity Building", IMF and World Bank 

(2017) "Recent Developments on Local Currency Bond Markets in Emerging Economies", Staff Note for the G20 IFA Working Group Meeting in Seoul, Korea

(2017) "Establishing a Legal Framework for Sovereign Sukuk Issuance: A Public Debt Management Perspective", Emre Balibek, MFM Global Practice Discussion Paper No.18, World Bank

(2017) "Risk and Returns: Managing Financial Trade-Offs for Inclusive Growth in Europe and Central Asia", David Michael Gould and Martin Melecky, Europe and Central Asia Studies, World Bank

(2017) "Push and Pull: Emerging Risks in Frontier Economy Access to International Capital Markets", Tobias Haque, Jane Bogoev, Greg Smith, MFM Global Practice Discussion Paper No.17, World Bank

(2017) "The Role of Debt Managers in Contingent Liability Management", L Ülgentürk, OECD Working Papers on Sovereign Borrowing and Public Debt Management No.8

(2016) "Optimal Debt Policy Under Asymmetric Risk", IMF Working Paper WP/16/178

(2016) "Analyzing and Managing Fiscal Risks—Best Practices", IMF Policy Paper

(2016) "Addressing Debt Vulnerabilities in Small States: The Potential Role of New Financing Instruments", Tobias Haque, Zeinab Partow, Sona Varma, and Luiz Edgard Oliveira, MFM Global Practice Discussion Paper No.10, World Bank

(2016) "Subnational Debt Management and Restructuring: Lessons from International Experience", Editors Satu Kahkonen and Sudarshan Gooptu, The World Bank and Ministry of Finance of the People's Republic of China

(2016) "Contingent Liabilities Risk Management: A Credit Risk Analysis Framework for Sovereign Guarantees and On-Lending - Country Experience from Colombia, Indonesia, Sweden, and Turkey", Fritz Florian Bachmair, MFM Global Practice Discussion Paper No.9, World Bank

(2016) "Development of Local Currency Bond Markets: Overview of Recent Developments and Key Themes", Staff Note for the G20 IFA Working Group Meeting in Seoul, Korea


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