New Releases

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(2019) "Good Practices for Developing a Local Currency Bond Market: Lessons from the ASEAN+3 Asian Bond Markets Initiative", Asian Bonds Online, May 2019, ADB

(2019) "2018 Review of Program Design and Conditionality", Policy Paper, IMF

(2019) "Issuing International Bonds: A Guidance Note", Patrick B. G. van der Wansem, Lars Jessen, and Diego Rivetti, MTI Global Practice, Discussion Paper No.13 April 2019, World Bank

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(2019) "Managing South Africa’s Exposure to Eskom: How to Evaluate the Credit Risk from the Sovereign Guarantees?", Fritz Florian Bachmair, Cigdem Aslan, and Mkhulu Maseko, Policy Research Working Paper WPS8703, World Bank

(2018) "Management of Fiscal and Financial Risks Generated by PPPs: Conceptual Issues and Country Experiences", Edgardo C. Demaestri, Cynthia Moskovits, and Jimena Chiara, Discussion Paper No. IDB-DB-628, IDB

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(2018) "Study on Public Debt Management Systems and Results of a Survey on Solutions Used by Debt Management Offices", Cigdem Aslan, Artan Ajazaj, Shurufa Abdul Wahidh, World Bank Policy Research Working Paper WPS8544, World Bank 

(2018) "A Primer on Managing Sovereign Debt-Portfolio Risks", Thordur Jonasson and Michael G. Papaioannou, IMF Working Paper WP/18/74, IMF


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