Network of Consultants

The Company has a network of consultants with considerable international experience in financial markets and public sector debt, cash and risk management. The network can work together on assignments either as individuals or a team, or sub-contracted under Storkey & Co Limited. All of the consultants have been providing practical debt management advice and guidance in low-middle and emerging market countries.

The network has developed extensive relationships with government debt management offices and agencies involved in sovereign debt management, which are used to:

  • Identify resources to complement the network where needed, particularly in areas requiring hands-on practical experience in the establishment, operations and functions of a debt management office
  • Keep up-to-date with new developments and sound practices in government debt and cash management
  • Assist with the provision of training
  • Organise short-term study visits that are comprehensive and ensure access to officials at the right level
  • Discuss practical aspects of public debt and cash management

All consultants have been carefully selected and approved. The overall objective is to ensure that sound principles and practices are used on debt management assignments in a framework that aims for excellence in sovereign debt management. More details are provided under the Consultants section. Resumes can be provided on request.

We also have a list of of sovereign debt management training providers under the Training Providers section.


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