Storkey & Co Limited delivers debt, cash and risk management training courses either in-country or in Wellington, New Zealand to central, state, provincial or municipal governments. These courses are designed to meet specific requirements of each government client with training provided by skilled and experienced practioners in each topic. Extensive training material is provided to the participants along with a CD of all course documentation and references together with photos taken during the course. Examples of the training courses delivered are set out below:

Vietnam External Debt Management In-Country Training

Training was delivered in three 2-week courses in Hanoi:

  • Course 1 focused on financial markets and instruments, loans from ADB and World Bank, formulating mobilisation/borrowing plans, and comparing costs of different loan structures and debt portfolios.  There were around 45 registered participants.
  • Course 2 focused on developing access to international markets, establishing benchmarks for government debt portfolios, on-lending, and asset-liability management.  There were around 55 registered participants.
  • Course 3 focused on project lending, government guarantees, on-lending, contingent liabilities and fiscal risks. There were around 65 registered participants.


Ethiopia Cash Management In-Country Training

Training was delivered over three days in Addis Ababa:

  • Day 1 focused on the framework for government cash management covering an overview of cash management and why it is an important component of government financial management, drawing on international practices and experiences to demonstrate sound practice government cash management.
  • Day 2 focused on cash management operations covering forecasting of government cash flows at federal and regional levels, government banking arrangements, and procedures for efficient, secure and timely disbursements and revenue collection.
  • Day 3 focused on integrating cash and debt management covering how government debt can be used to assist in managing government liquidity and monetary policy, and on cash management in Ethiopia covering an assessment of current practices and areas identified that needed to be reformed in the short, medium and long-term.


Vietnam Debt Management Training in New Zealand

Training was delivered over 7 days in Wellington covering policy issues in debt management plus technical training on the establishment and functions of a middle office.

  • Topic 1 focused on the evolution of the middle office within sovereign debt management, organization of the modern government Debt Management Office (DMO) and the role of the middle office, the culture of the DMO, establishing a middle office and how it is perceived, risk identification and measurement, risk management, debt strategy and risk policy, and other issues such as legal and information technology.
  • Topic 2 focused on the evolution of government debt management practices over the last 20 years, including the motivators for change and the attributes of best practice DMOs, detailed analysis of the policy issues facing, and institutional choices open to, the DMO, evolution of the debt management function within the New Zealand context to provide a first hand experience of the changes that took place in New Zealand with the establishment of NZDMO, and application of the lessons learned to the Vietnamese situation and how Vietnam may be able to evolve debt management and how this could be achieved.




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